Design a rug with natural fibers like sisal, jute, seagrass, coir and wool. Our exclusive SynSisal® weaves give you the sisal look without the worry and our contract grade collection is here for your next project.

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Custom Shapes, Oversized (seamed or with extra-wide weaves), Fireplace Cutouts, L-Shaped, Oval, Circular, Clipped Corners, Tiles, Logo Mats, Custom Designs, Patterns and Rope Rugs

MATERIALS: Cotton, Polyester, Braided Jute, Natural Serged Edge, Synthetic Serged Edge, Linen, Distressed Leather, Recycled Leather, Smooth Leather, Faux Leather, UV Canvas, Self Edge and Infinity Edge

OPTIONS: Top Stitch Mitered Corner, Blind Stitch Mitered Corner, Top Stitch Lapped Corner and 1 1/4"- 3 1/2" Binding Reveal