Why choose a leather rug?

Leather is synonymous with luxury and durability. Designed and expertly crafted in Europe, our curated collection of leather rugs will bring a natural, sophisticated depth to interior designs. Each rug is truly unique, echoing organic variations we find in nature. Our collection highlights the artistry of a pieced leather rug—rich colors in glorious patterns—a one of a kind treasure.

Durability is a hallmark of leather but so is its softness. These two attributes make leather an ideal material for rugs. It will stand up to regular foot traffic while at the same time providing a soft landing for your feet.

Which rug material is right for my lifestyle?

If you need to know how to buy a rug online, which material is right for your lifestyle, or what size rug to purchase, head over to our Rug Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know.

What is the difference between a pieced leather rug and a leather hide?

When most of us think of leather, we think of leather shoes, belts, handbags and of course, saddles. These items are made from smooth, tanned leather and do not have hair. Our leather rugs are hair-on-hide rugs, adding another tactile quality and design dimension to these weaves. And instead of one continuous full hide, like cowhide rugs or sheep skin rugs, these leather rugs are made from pieced leather (you may also hear the term “patchwork” or “patched” cowhide rug). The hair-on leather is selected for quality, cut to size and meticulously hand pieced by artisan rug makers according to the style of the rug.

Will a leather rug match my style?

For a touch or a statement of luxury, a leather rug is unparalleled. Texturally complex and visually stunning, a pieced leather rug will add an artful ambience to any room in your home. The abstract design of Cubic adds angles and visual intrigue in a minimalist space where clean, straight lines dominate. For rustic styles, Pinto is a beautiful complement to wood elements and adds a subtle brightness to a space. The strips of leather and their natural color variations found in Flash bring an unexpected elegance to urban lofts and modern homes.

If a bespoke rug is on your list or you are curious about other material options, head over to our Designer Weaves showcase or explore our Natural and Synthetic collections.

Is a leather rug easy to maintain?

Thanks to the tough and durable nature of leather, these rugs are meant to be enjoyed and used in common areas like living rooms as well as private spaces like bedrooms. Leather ages well and requires basic maintenance. Regular vacuuming (without the beater bar on) or a quick shake outdoors will keep dust and dirt out of your rug. Natural oils in leather help with stain-resistance, but spills should be taken care of promptly to avoid discoloration. Be sure any furniture anchoring the rug has protected, smooth feet—you don’t want to puncture your leather rug. If your rug is not anchored by furniture, consider a rug pad to prevent slippage. Lastly, regular rotation of your pieced leather rug will go a long way in preventing fading from sunlight.

leather is a rustic yet elegant accent

flash in color grey  

add visual depth & interest with a pieced leather rug

cubic in color bayou


exquisite craftsmanship on display

pinto in color sable