Sisal Blend


What is a sisal blend?

Weave together alternating strands of sisal and wool or sisal and coir and you have a sisal-blend rug or carpet. Combining two different fibers means greater design flexibility, comfort and structural integrity. Most of our sisal-blend weaves are a combination of sisal and wool, two fibers that complement each other beautifully in both colorways and fiber attributes.

What are the benefits of a sisal-blend rug or carpet?

First, the color and textural contrast created when two or more fibers are woven together opens up all kinds of pattern and design possibilities. The woven pattern is defined and highlighted by the interplay of the different fibers. Sisal-blend weaves provide more variety if you are looking for pattern play or textural depth in your flooring.

Also, indoor comfort is improved with sisal and wool blends. Both wool and sisal fibers are non-toxic, natural fibers that will positively impact indoor air quality. The coziness of wool insulates floors and cushions feet. And the durability of these fibers means a sisal-blend rug or carpet won’t compress with heavy traffic or furniture and will last for years.

Which rug material is right for my lifestyle?

If you need to know how to buy a rug online, which material is right for your lifestyle, or what size rug to purchase, head over to our Rug Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know.

Is a sisal-blend rug easy to maintain?

Regular vacuuming, a walk-off mat upon entry to your home and a “no shoes in the house” policy will all help prolong the life of a sisal-blend rug. The addition of stain-resistant wool helps with the overall maintenance of a sisal blend, but sisal can stain easily so quick attention to spills and stains is still important. For added protection, Sisal-Guard is a spray-on sealant that will act as a barrier to reduce the rate at which natural sisal absorbs liquid or spills. All of our weaves come with guidelines for care and maintenance that are accessible under the Care tab on each weave page. For more general care guidelines, please visit our Care Guides page.

Are sisal-blend rugs eco-friendly?

Sisal is a renewable resource, biodegradable and free from pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Add to that the iconic, sustainable wool and you have smart, green and beautiful options for flooring. Wool and sisal fibers are biodegradable and compostable, so if the time comes when you need to say goodbye to your sisal-blend rug, it will be much friendlier to the Earth than a synthetic counterpart. We take pride in offering eco-friendly flooring choices. Read about our commitment to sustainability here.

Will a sisal-blend rug or carpet match my style?

Since the blend of different fibers creates different design options, finding one to match your style will be no problem. Grand, geometric weaves with chain link or diamond patterns, like our Pembroke and Little Hampton, work well with tried and true traditional or modern farmhouse design styles. Elegant, subtle stripes or a herringbone pattern, as seen in our Gillingham or Park Avenue weaves, round out transitional decors and ground minimalist spaces. For a Bohemian style, our Scotland has chunky yarns and a subtle zigzag pattern, perfect as a foundation for layering accent rugs.

Our sisal-blend weaves are available for wall-to-wall installation or for creating your own custom area rug. Having trouble deciding what size area rug you need? What Size Rug Do I Need? is a great resource.

Is a sisal blend weave a good choice for kitchens or other areas that may get wet?

Natural fiber rugs and carpet are highly absorbent and may not fare well in areas that are likely to get wet, like kitchens, bathrooms or outdoor spaces. If you want the natural fiber look but without the worry of staining, browse our selection of stain-resistant sisals or our exclusive SynSisal® collection of synthetic sisals.

layering with a sisal-blend rug creates visual interest & texture

scotland in color muslin

sisal & jute equals durability with softness

tortington in color pearl with a cloth border


wool & sisal enrich any space with texture & tonal patterns

gibraltar in black rock