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Broadloom for Wall-to-Wall Installation

Almost all of our natural sisal, synthetic sisal and wool is available for purchase as broadloom for wall-to-wall installation. You may purchase or request a quote online or if you prefer, contact us directly with your yardage needs. See categories below for additional details about our broadloom.

While we are able to supply and deliver the material, unfortunately, we do not offer installation services. However, upon request, we can provide you and your installer with detailed installation guidelines. To determine your yardage requirements, we recommend that you contact a local installer before placing your order to make sure that you are getting exactly the amount you'll need.

Important!: If you plan to order broadloom material for wall-to-wall installation, be sure to inspect and measure the material before you (or your installer) cuts or alters it in any way. Once the material has been cut or installed, we cannot accept returns, claims or consider allowances.

Natural Sisal, Seagrass & Coir
Modern Synthetic & Synthetic Sisal


Natural Sisal, Seagrass & Coir

Most of our natural fiber weaves are available as broadloom for wall-to-wall installation, with a few exceptions. Jute or hemp weaves should never be installed, because of their questionable performance in many environments. In fact we don't even sell some of those weaves as raw yardage.

Some of our seagrass weaves are available as broadloom, with one caveat: because seagrass undergoes very little processing before being hand-spun into cords, it may retain some moisture when it is woven. As a result, seagrass can be susceptible to mold or mildew and should never be used in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or other damp or humid environments. In humid regions use seagrass rugs only in climate controlled or well ventilated rooms.

Wall-to-wall sisal is beautiful, but note that installation can be tricky and it may be difficult to find a carpet installer who will take on the challenge of laying sisal and doing seam work. When calling installers in your area, be sure to ask if they have experience working with sisal or other natural fibers. The recommended installation method is direct glue-down.

We recommend the use of a high quality floor adhesive with low water content. Plant fibers are absorbent, so they should be exposed to as little water as possible. If you have any additional questions regarding installation please contact us. For installing sisal floorcoverings, we recommend you purchase Henry's 356 Premium Adhesive which can be sourced at Home Depot or a similar hardware store.

Type Container Size Coverage Price  
Wall Covering Adhesive 3.5 gallons 210 sq. ft (of primed gypsum board per container) $108

Sisal, Seagrass & Coir Installation Instructions

Sisal Wall Covering Installation Instructions

Poona Coir Installation Instructions

Note also that natural fibers tend to fluctuate (expanding and contracting) depending upon climate and humidity levels, so the listed roll width may vary by 1-2 inches, something to keep in mind when calculating how much material to order.

Modern Synthetic and Synthetic Sisal

All of our modern synthetic and synthetic sisal weaves are available as broadloom for wall-to-wall installation. Synthetics won't warp or fluctuate the way natural fibers do, so they're much easier to install than natural fiber floor coverings. Consult a professional installer for technical advice, including how much material to order for proper installation. The recommended installation method is direct glue-down.

Below you can order our recommended glue for installation as well as download our installation guide. We offer a glue specific for indoor use as well as glue for outdoor use only. We sell a cold melding seam bond kit that can be used to create waterproof seams for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Type Container Size Coverage Price  
Indoor Adhesive  2 Gallon  260-320 square feet $138
Outdoor / Boat Adhesive 2 Gallon 260-320 square feet $190
Seam Bond Kit  N/A (Kit) 100-120 linear feet $95
Bolon Tile Adhesive 4 Gallon 500 square feet $305

Bolon Installation Instructions  Please note specific instructions for each bolon weave are on their specific pages

Chilewich Installation Instructions

Chilewich Wall Covering Installation Instructions

Synthesis Installation Instructions

Anywhere and SynSisal- New York Installation Instructions

Commercial SynSisal Installation Instructions

SynSisal- Bruges Installation Instructions


Our wool floor coverings are a popular choice for installation in bedrooms and living rooms. With their jute backing, our wool weaves can be installed via direct glue-down or stretched over a pad. Again, consult your installer for technical advice.