New Season, New Colors

SynSisal® weaves Astoria, Ravenna, and Medina are now available in two new stunning colors: Bark and Mink

Handloomed Harmony

Handloomed wool creates a warm textural foundation for an elegant living space

A Natural Fit

Natural fibers like coir, jute, and seagrass provide an earthly foundation, blending gracefully into any design style

Opt for the Outdoors

Pair beautiful lounge furniture from our top European brands with a cozy and durable outdoor area rug

Shop Outdoor Home Furnishings

Complement your outdoor rug with our selection of iconic European home furnishings

How to Choose the Perfect Rug

We’ve made it easy to find the perfect rug for your space with our latest blog post

All New Jacaranda Collection

Handmade TENCEL™ textures adorned with shimmering fibers and deep color tones

SynSisal® - Sisal Without Limits

The natural sisal aesthetic paired with best-in-industry contract grade strength

Artistic Flair

Geometric rugs are a stylistic statement, adding patterned beauty to the foundation of a beautiful room

Experiment With Color

Color Splash is our best-selling Livos sisal silhouetted by vibrant color borders

Freedom of Design

Create your one-of-a-kind customizable rug with Nautical’s colorful and durable nylon ropes

Stay In The Know