Semi Annual Sale

Endless Versatility

Sisal rugs offer durability for high-traffic areas and add soft warmth to indoor spaces

Our Bestselling Sisal Weaves

Livos, Kent & Dragon Grass: Classic sisals rich in natural beauty

Designer Weaves

Eye-catching patterns in natural and synthetic fibers

Weave Spotlight: Astoria

A popular SynSisal® for commercial projects, Astoria offers both beauty and durability to support high-traffic areas

Natural Beauty

Whidbey, a stain-resistant sisal with elegance and durability

Go Outdoors with Ease

Explore beautiful weaves designed to withstand the elements

Minimalist Muse

Halifax is a chunky sisal that provides a subtle, relaxing finishing touch

Healthy Home Environment

Our Pure Wool weaves help to purify the air by neutralizing pollutants

Contract Coir: The High Traffic Hero

Natural fibrous texture and durability in residential and hospitality design

Designer Pick: Alfresco Dune

Alfresco Dune, a synthetic rug weave originating from Belgium, is our top choice for a colorful focal point

Effortless Sisal Tiles

Easy to install in a checkerboard pattern for a unique and durable custom rug

Trending Color: Smoke

Smoke is an excellent color to highlight the tone and texture of our SynSisal® weaves - including Astoria, Langley and Winthrop

Down To Earth

Surprisingly soft and reliably strong, jute is an eco-friendly choice for natural fiber rugs and carpet

Handloomed Wool

Warm and cozy with a personal touch

Bold and Bright

Sandpoint anchors your indoor or outdoor space with a colorful statement

Perfect in Plaid

Embrace the outdoor season in a bold new pattern

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