SynSisal® - Sisal Without Limits

The natural look and contract grade strength of SynSisal® pushes the limits of form and function

Indoor Meets Outdoor

Take the comforts of home outside with our fabulous anywhere weaves

Finished in the USA

We support domestic fabricators, with all of our custom rug finishing hand-applied in the United States

More Sisal, Less Worry

SISALplus combines everything you love about natural sisal, with the added confidence of stain resistance

Play With Gray

Timeless and versatile gray weaves create a neutral foundation that accents beautifully with playful color

Chunky Natural Textures

Heavily textured sisal rugs have innate patterns that make any space feel cozy and complete

Bad Hair Day

Looped wool fibers from the Monasch Collection add a luxurious and soft finish to interiors in neutral hues

Glamorous Shine

Adorn your floor with the lavish softness of handwoven TENCEL™ floor coverings from Jacaranda

Anywhere You Want

Create inviting spaces anywhere you choose with these diverse and beautiful indoor-outdoor weaves

Sisal Beauty—Synthetic Strength

Have both! SynSisal® combines the organic aesthetic of natural sisal with the easy cleanability and strength of synthetic ECONYL™ fibers


Classic bouclé structures provide a timeless and stylish foundation for any design preference

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