Handwoven Shine

SynSisal® –Sisal Without Limits

SynSisal® offers natural beauty and supreme durability. Shop the exclusive collection.

Winter Whites

Browse crisp and cozy neutral colors to warm up your space

Warm and Cozy

Shop luxuriously soft wool from the Monasch Collection

Exciting Arrivals

Meet new polypropylenes in classic sisal structures

Go All Natural

Natural sisal is timeless, durable, and beautiful

Natural Fit

Sisal’s fibers are produced from the long leaves of the Agave Sisalana cactus

Commercial-Grade Coziness

Create an inviting 'home away from home' feel in hospitality spaces

Soft and Neutral

Explore SynSisal in bark, a rich and multi-tonal colorway

Luxurious Leathers

Lether rugs are texturally complex and visually stunning

Artistic Flair

Geometric rugs are a stylistic statement, adding patterned beauty to the foundation of a beautiful room

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