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Woven Vinyl

Poolside | Black Ink
Poolside | Black Ink
Tidepool | Fossil
Tidepool | Fossil
Laguna | Misty Beach
Laguna | Misty Beach
woven vinyl
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Vinyl is considered one of the most versatile plastics in the world and its attractive look and durable build have made it one of the most popular flooring options among designers. Our woven vinyl collection showcases hard-wearing weaves that are made from vinyl, polyester, or other synthetic yarns and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The woven textures in our collection are reminiscent of structures and patterns found in natural fiber rugs and the varied yarn colors create multi-tonal landscapes.

Woven vinyl floor coverings deliver beauty as well as performance:

  • rated for commercial use

  • soil and stain resistant

  • impervious to moisture

  • mold and mildew resistant

  • fade resistant

  • UV stabilized

These characteristics make woven vinyl an ideal flooring option for busy homes with children or pets, outdoor gathering spaces, or for high-traffic commercial or hospitality areas.

Today, many modern vinyl weaves are crafted with sustainability and indoor air quality in mind. Limited Edition’s Poolside and Terrazza are crafted with recycled vinyl yarns to reduce the use of virgin plastic in the manufacturing process.

Please read individual weave descriptions and specifications to determine which weave will best suit your project.

If you want to learn which rug material is right for your lifestyle, how to select the right size rug for your space, or how to buy a rug online, head over to our blog post Rug Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know for a deep dive.

Woven vinyl is prized for its easy maintenance. Regular vacuuming keeps dirt at bay and wet mopping picks up the finer particles. Spills can be cleaned up with anything from light, soapy water to green cleansers, or bleach solutions for bigger messes. A few towels for drying up moisture and your woven vinyl rug is ready for use. With proper care, these weaves are mold and mildew-resistant. 

All of our weaves come with guidelines for care and maintenance that are accessible under the Care tab on each weave page. For more general care guidelines, please visit our Care Guides page.

Our refined collection of woven vinyl rugs and carpet features the variety of textures, patterns, and color palettes possible with this versatile material. Finding one to match your style and meet your particular needs will be a breeze.

Luxurious and modern settings will radiate with a well-chosen accessory like a woven vinyl rug. The impeccably designed and crafted Limited Edition rugs from Belgium bring an effortless elegance to outdoor pool areas or indoor gathering spaces. Laguna LE, Poolside, or Terrazza are stunning options that make a statement on your deck or in your dining room.

Fashion vinyls like our Seaboard or Synthesis balance smart design with demanding contract-grade performance in hospitality and commercial settings. Likewise, you don't need to sacrifice style for performance when it comes to your boat or recreational vehicles. Our Tidepool and Synthesis Boat collections have a wide range of fashionable woven vinyl floor coverings built to withstand the elements.

A woven vinyl rug defines and elevates outside spaces like patios, decks, and porches. To complete your look, add a chic lounger or a few heirloom-quality pieces of outdoor teak furniture. Boats and RVs as well as indoor spaces like mudrooms, kitchens, craft rooms, and laundry rooms are spot-on locations for a woven vinyl rug or carpet. You can create a custom-sized rug or mat for any area, custom fit a vinyl weave to your boat or RV, or install wall-to-wall for total coverage.

Looking for more inspiration? Our All Synthetics collection showcases a wide variety of synthetic weaves. And if a natural fiber rug or carpet is on your list, our All Natural selection provides all kinds of possibilities.