Stain-Resistant Sisal

Our stain-resistant SISALplus weaves showcase all that you love about sisal but with added stain-protection. Superior grade sisal yarns are coated with a stain-resistant and fire-retardant material, creating contract-grade sisals ready to grace any space, from residential homes to retail settings.

Image: Salt Spring | Gray

Salt Spring | Gray
Salt Spring | Gray

Sisal With A Twist

Ruggedly beautiful sisal with added stain-resistance and expert craftsmanship means these rugs are welcome in homes or hospitality settings.

Natural Beauty + Stain Fighting Protection

You can have sisal's robust texture and durability plus stain protection with any of our stain resistant sisal rugs. Classic flat weave structures like a diamond trellis or greek key add visual interest to your floors.

Image: Salt Spring, Blakely & Lopez in color Jasper

Blakely, Lopez & Salt Spring | Jasper
Blakely, Lopez & Salt Spring | Jasper

With a stain-resistant sisal, each strand of sisal fiber is coated with a stain-resistant and fire-retardant material before being twisted into superior grade yarns and then woven into beautiful sisal carpet. This unique treatment, paired with prompt cleaning, will ease your worries about spots and stains becoming permanent residents. SISALplus is our line of stain-resistant sisal rugs and carpet that showcases all that you love about natural fiber rugs, including soothing colors and classic woven structures.

Sisal and other natural fiber rugs, although beautiful and durable, may stain easily. Using a topical stain-protection product on sisal will only last a few weeks before the protection wears off from vacuuming and foot traffic. This is not the case with our SISALplus. It will always remain stain-resistant regardless of heavy foot traffic or regular vacuuming.

Our SISALplus rugs and carpet are suitable for the strongest use class, including extra heavy-contract use and high-traffic areas. This collection is perfect for our hospitality and commercial clients who desire the warm, natural look and feel in their environments. For our residential clients with kids or pets or just plain busy households, these stain-resistant sisals are an ideal addition to all kinds of spaces, such as dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and staircases.

With the stain-resistant coating, yes, our SISALplus weaves are easier to maintain than regular sisal or other natural fiber rugs. Nonetheless, spills and accidents should be cleaned up or treated as quickly as possible to avoid long term consequences. As a rule of thumb, we recommend regular vacuuming and a walk-off mat at entry points to keep as much dirt, dust and debris out of your space as possible. All of our weaves come with guidelines for care and maintenance that are accessible under the Care tab on each weave page. For more general care guidelines, please visit our Care Guides page.

If you want the look of sisal but would love something that is soft underfoot, cleanable with water, will not stain and is made from recycled products, browse our exclusive SynSisal® collection.

Just like all natural fiber rugs, these rugs will blend beautifully with a wide variety of design styles. Sisal’s range of hues and woven structures brings visual and textural interest to any decor, be it traditional or transitional, bohemian or mid-century modern, farmhouse or coastal. Fill and expand a room with a wall-to-wall SISALplus carpet, or layer smaller sisal or wool rugs together for a stylish statement.

If you are looking for pattern, Salt Spring's diamond pattern or Blakely’s maze-like motif both make stunning large area rugs or wall-to-wall carpets. The multi-toned Cottage or our best-selling Orcas provide a classy, neutral foundation that will never go out of style. And for a polished finish on any of our SISALplus area rugs, we offer cloth borders like linen, cotton and faux leather with mitered corners or a premium wool serged edge.