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A commercial area rug is an area rug constructed from materials that meet high durability standards and strict compliance requirements like fire ratings or consumer protection regulations. Many hospitality or commercial environments benefit from the smart placement of contract grade area rugs in order to add a design element or designate an area for a specific use. For example, a hotel lobby can designate a comfortable waiting area with a large commercial area rug and furnishings like lounge chairs, small sofas, and side tables.

Need inspiration for a commercial or hospitality project? Our Case Studies offer a window into the design and procurement process for rugs and carpet in contract grade settings. Head over to Hospitality to see how we can help you with your project.

Area rugs in a commercial setting add a visual focal point, soften the overall feel of a space, and help diminish noise. Style, safety, and suitability should all be reviewed when thinking about a commercial grade area rug. Here are some things to consider:

  • Commercial area rugs must meet fire safety standards in accordance with local code.

  • Look for rugs with short, tight face yarns and a low pile.

  • Select tough, contract grade materials with built-in systems that resist stains or fading from UV light like nylon, polypropylene, woven vinyl, or stain-resistant sisal.

  • The edges of a rug can be a tripping hazard, so a commercial area rug should be low profile, flat woven, and bound with a minimalist border.

  • A rug in a contract setting must be secured by large pieces of furniture, adhered to the subfloor with carpet tape, or have a non-slip rug pad underneath.

  • Pick a material that will clean easily if your rug will encounter heavy traffic or food or beverage spills. For rundown on commercial fibers, head over to our main hospitality page.

  • A busy thoroughfare is not the place for a small area rug—go big or go home. A large commercial runner offers a nice runway to collect dirt and direct guests.

Customization is often necessary when it comes to area rugs in a commercial space. Here are some instances where a custom-size contract grade rug is needed:

Commercial Runner Rugs

As mentioned above, a large runner rug in a lobby or hallway directs the flow of traffic, softens the step, and captures dirt. We make ordering custom rugs simple:

  1. From the product page of your chosen rug style, click “Price & Order”

  2. Select the color you want

  3. Enter the rug’s desired dimensions

  4. Continue through the rug builder process and add the rug to your cart

A few carpets in our collection are available in a 6’ width and have sharp, clean edges, which eliminates the need for a border in many cases. Look at woven vinyls or tretford®’s roll for an off-the-roll-ready runner rug.

Large Commercial Area Rugs

Our commercial collection includes extra wide carpets as well as carpets that can be seamed if necessary. A large rug crafted from Whidbey, an extra-wide stain resistant sisal, or from a luxury wool like Willingdon may not need seams. Our workrooms are adept at seaming large area rugs—if you need an extra large Langley or Ravenna SynSisal® rug, for example, contact customer service to talk through options and what will work best for your project.

Corporate Logo Rugs

Reinforce brand recognition with a custom walk-off mat. A company logo or a school’s mascot are just a couple examples of designs that can be created in a walk-off mat or rug. Walk-off mats are super tough, heavy duty rugs made from 100% UV-stabilized, solution dyed polypropylene and available in a rainbow of colors. With a logo or not, a walk-off mat is a great option for entry ways, lobbies, reception areas, or sporting facilities. Reach out to our customer service team for corporate or custom logo rugs.

You probably know about “performance fabrics”—fabrics manufactured with built-in enhancements like stain resistance, UV protection, and abrasion resistance. A performance rug encapsulates these same attributes and is built with materials that are stain resistant, highly durable, UV protected, fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and easy to clean. These attributes are found in many commercial or contract grade rugs, too.

Performance materials are generally outdoor friendly, but in the case of a rug, the backing dictates whether a rug can go outside. Since not all performance or synthetic rugs can go outside, be sure to check the backing and the product's specifications. A Terasa polypropylene or a woven vinyl rug can go outside and is a great choice for an outdoor commercial rug.

For a comparison of synthetic fibers like nylon and polypropylene, head over to our blog post Nylon, Polyester, & Polypropylene Rugs: Everything You Need To Know.

If you are looking for a performance rug that is easy to care for, we have many resources to help you make a decision. Our team is available to answer questions or offer suggestions on the best rug material for your project and how to best maintain it. Additionally, our Care & Cleaning Guides page outlines best practices for cleaning your rug based on material and our High Traffic Rug Care Guide gives you specific tips for keeping your rug or carpet in the best condition, no matter the traffic level.