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Extra Wide

Extra wide carpets range from 15' to 16'4" in width. These carpets are ideal for wall-to-wall installations or for creating oversized custom rugs for larger rooms.

See our FAQ at the bottom of this page to learn more about extra wide carpet and its uses.

Image: Kasia | Storm

wall-to-wall elegance: kasia installed wall-to-wall in a living room adds comfort as well as elegance (color storm)
Kasia | Storm
extra wide
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Most of the broadloom or wall-to-wall carpet that we sell comes in the standard 13’2” width. Extra wide refers to weaves that are available off of the roll and are wider than the standard. Our selection of extra-wide weaves ranges between 15’ and 16’5”. These weaves are ideal for wall-to-wall installations or oversized custom rugs for larger rooms.

An extra-wide weave may eliminate the need for seaming in a wall-to-wall installation if your room is wider than the standard 13’2”. Seaming carpet requires skill and precision, and if done poorly can result in split, frayed, or overly visible seams. For example, City Block, which is 16’4” wide, will beautifully cover a 15’ wide room with no seams and little wasted material, saving you money on installation and material costs.

Creating a custom area rug for an extra large room or open concept floor plan is made easy with an extra-wide weave. With many styles to choose from and designer options for borders and finishing, you can create a look that is unique and transforms your space. Having trouble deciding what size area rug you need? What Size Rug Do I Need? is a great resource.

The material content of our extra-wide selection includes natural fibers like sisal and wool as well as synthetics like polypropylene and nylon. We have modern synthetics like Indio that are appropriate for light commercial settings, or custom designer weaves that can be woven in large widths, like the gorgeous Poolside from Belgium.

Our wool selection has all the benefits of wool—air purification, non-allergenic, stain resistant, renewable—in extra-wide sizes. Looking for an extra-wide wool rug or carpet with a pattern? View our Mosaic, with its Moroccan-inspired motif, or our hand-tufted Pinnae for a botanical look. For a luxurious, thick wool blend, look no further than Kennebunkport or Wethersfield.

Extra-wide sisal rugs or carpet have all the inviting textures, natural beauty, durable fibers, and classic structures that we love about sisal. Munich is a thick and chunky sisal weave that will never go out of style as a large sisal rug or carpet. For pattern and texture in your flooring, Helsinki has multi-tonal sisal yarns woven together to create a unique symmetrical pattern repeat.

Still can’t find a weave that is wide enough? Consider carpet tiles: versatile, modular, contract grade, and great for residential or commercial spaces. Shop our Carpet Tile selection.

If you want to learn which rug material is right for your lifestyle, how to select the right size rug for your space, or how to buy a rug online, head over to our blog post Rug Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know for a deep dive.