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Sustainability Statement



    Products that endure, reducing unnecessary waste


    Forward-thinking fibers and innovative product life cycles


    Beautiful floor coverings that promote healthy indoor spaces

The Curran Promise

We aim to set the standard for beautifully crafted, lasting carpets made from natural fibers and sisal-look materials, all while honoring our deepening commitment to sustainability practices.

Leading By Example

Over the past decade, the carpet industry has seen some much-needed innovation to benefit environmental sustainability. While many maintain business as usual, we opt for a rigorous approach that integrates innovative design, sustainable fibers and yarns, cleaner backing solutions and better options for recycling and disposal.

We collaborate with pioneering mills and component-based producers across the globe who avoid the use of virgin fibers and materials, reduce embodied carbon, and develop new technologies that improve the potential for circularity at the end of use.

While there is a long road ahead, we are resolute in our mission to introduce more sustainable, proprietary flooring products to market.

Our Journey So Far

For over 30 years, we have championed natural fibers like sisal, jute, and 100% chemical-free wool. As natural fiber experts, we also realize their limitations in certain commercial or high-traffic settings better suited for synthetic alternatives. While we take pride in our curated selection of flat woven carpeting, we also see opportunities to elevate our earth gentle offerings. 

That's why we have sought out alignments with partners that embrace new thinking around the use of responsibly sourced and recycled fibers. Our catalog now includes truly unique market leaders such as Rols, Best Wool, tretford®, and Jacaranda, each of whom have made tangible steps in flooring innovation. These advancements span the realm of recyclable and biodegradable fibers, reduced emission and wastage during production, non-toxic dyes and removable backing solutions.

These collaborations inform our own approach to eco-design, which involves creating carpets from upcycled materials and natural dyes, thereby minimizing environmental impact from the very beginning of the design process.

Made from ECONYL®

SynSisal® is our proprietary brand developed with a promise towards circularity. Our Standard Collection is woven from EcoNyl PA6 regenerable nylon, consciously created from reclaimed fishing nets and other post-consumer waste.

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Sustainability Woven Into Every Carpet

Sustainability at the core

When we designed SynSisal®, sustainability wasn't an afterthought—it was integral to our entire process. By using ECONYL® regenerated yarns, we’ve created a floor covering with a timeless look that reflects 21st-century environmental imperatives.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

ECONYL® is a regenerated and regenerable virgin quality yarn that generates up to 90% less CO2 carbon emissions during production compared to standard nylon. It is made from recovered nylon waste, like fishing nets and post-consumer waste, from land and oceans all over the world.

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Regenerated & Regenerable

A painstaking regeneration and purification process ensures that ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon looks and performs the same as virgin nylon. That means SynSisal® offers aesthetics and durability without compromise–ideal for hospitality and commercial settings.

Where We're Going

Looking ahead, we aim to achieve truly circular carpeting solutions through a continued focus on eco-design. Our design team is dedicated to developing new product that align with our promise towards increased circularity. 

In 2024, we will improve transparency through our 'Earth Gentle' initiative. This merchandising tag will highlight products that meet different levels of environmental responsibility. We will improve filtering and performance on our website, empowering customers to make informed choices and select carpets that align with their values and priorities.

At Curran, we are not just creating carpets; we are crafting a narrative of sustainable responsibility that will continue to grow and evolve as technology, production and infrastructure advance. Through our dedicated efforts, we aim to lead the industry towards a greener, more equitable future.

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