Brisbane | Driftwood


a fresh interpretation of the classic sisal look

Contract Grade | Indoor-Outdoor | Soft Underfoot


Five sisal-look structures available in an array of earthy hues. Woven in Europe from twisted polypropylene yarns designed and tested for intensive use.


Residential Rugs | Commercial Carpet | Everything In Between

Perth | Driftwood
Perth | Driftwood
Bowen | Grain
Bowen | Grain


    Residential | Heavy Contract (Class 33) Classification


    UV- and moisture-resistant yarns suitable for indoor/outdoor use


    Easily remove everyday stains and spills with normal cleaning agents


    Meets stringent Class 1 Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1:2018) fire rating

Perth | Bark
Perth | Bark
Brisbane | Driftwood
Brisbane | Driftwood
Sydney | Cocoa
Sydney | Cocoa
Paddington | Acorn
Paddington | Acorn


Designed to meet the needs of an active lifestyle

Bowen | Curry
Bowen | Curry

Easy to Clean

A rug for any habitat, Terasa resists staining, moves freely between the outdoors and indoors, and is easy on the feet and the eyes.

Brisbane | Gravel
Brisbane | Putty

Pet Friendly

Soft underfoot, resilient, and easy to clean, a Terasa rug is an ideal match for homes with pets or children.

Brisbane | Putty
Brisbane | Putty


Under the sky or under your roof, Terasa showcases soothing earth tones that maintain saturated color for years to come.

a modern take on natural-look carpet

Inspired by the harmony between seamless indoor / outdoor living spaces, Terasa is an anywhere sisal that reimagines the natural look with modern materials. Classic structures like bouclé, herringbone, and tiger-eye provide texture to any setting you wish, from a resort lanai to a residential living room.

The line is woven in Europe with twisted polypropylene yarns designed and tested for intensive use.

Polypropylene is a solution-dyed synthetic material originally created in Italy in the late 1950s by Giulio Natta and Karl Ziegler. Also known as olefin, polypropylene material has become one of the most common synthetic materials used in the manufacturing of flooring textiles and is prized for its flexibility, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

  • Contract Grade Terasa polypropylene rugs are high-performing synthetic options durable enough for commercial or hospitality settings as well as busy households with pets and/ or children.

  • Anywhere Flexibility Any of these weaves can be used as an outdoor polypropylene rug—line a breezeway, soften a patio floor, fit a boat deck, or embellish a rooftop restaurant.

  • Color Retention With UV-stabilized, colorfast solution-dyed yarns and properties like mold and mildew resistance, Terasa polypropylene rugs will keep their vibrancy for years to come.

  • Easy Maintenance Since polypropylene is impervious to moisture, polypropylene rugs resist water-based stains and are easy to clean.

  • Sophisticated The Terasa polypropylene rug collection showcases flat weave carpets that mimic the beautiful, minimalist structures found in natural fiber rugs and are available in expertly curated colorways.

  • Comfort A polypropylene rug is a great match for both lifestyle and design style. Polypropylene yarns are soft underfoot, and the tight, flat weave construction resists crushing and has a comfortable texture.

Thankfully, Terasa rugs are easy to maintain and some can be even be cleaned with the spray of a hose. Here are a few of our best quick tips for maintaining a polypropylene rug:

  • Vacuum Often Any carpet cleaning routine begins with vacuuming frequently.

  • Act Fast Spills require immediate attention to avoid wick-back (soils coming to the surface as liquid evaporates, causing a darker circle or edge).

  • Outdoor use? For best results over time, outdoor polypropylene rugs should not be left outdoors in the elements for extended periods.

  • Infinity Edge Terasa rugs finished with the Infinity Edge are for INDOOR use only and should not be sprayed down; rather, wiped down with wet cloths.

  • Cleaning Agents Do not use an oil-based solvent to clean your Terasa rug. Oil-based stains can be challenging to lift from a polypropylene rug because polypropylene is oleophilic, meaning it attracts oily substances. Instead, find a treatment especially formulated for polypropylene and consider applying a carpet protectant when your rug first arrives.

For more detailed information, thorough care guides are accessible on each weave’s product page under the Care tab.