The Curran Story

Elevated Style From the Ground Up

Curran is an online boutique retailer of luxury outdoor furniture and bespoke floor coverings with deep ties to Europe and the Pacific Northwest. Jeff Curran founded the company in 1990, bringing quality home goods from around the world to his family and friends. His flier grew by word-of-mouth and prompted the creation of a curated catalog that became a go-to for the design community, with the first issue released in 1995. Jeff’s interest in quality European home goods expanded to natural flooring after a serendipitous reunion with an old acquaintance at a textile trade show in New York City. A business relationship flourished and Jeff agreed to represent sisal and other natural fibers in the Northwest, marking Curran’s entry into the flooring industry.

The catalog's growing popularity, coupled with the region's rapid tech boom, motivated Jeff to launch a website in 1995 to showcase fine European design online. Jeff's wife, Barbara, joined the company in 2004 to help manage the growing business. A Swiss citizen with an education in business and experience working for a Fortune 500 company, Barbara strengthened the organization's European orientation and helped lay the groundwork for global expansion with successful e-commerce platforms. Today, Curran and specialize in high-end outdoor furniture and shade products from top designers in countries like Italy, Scandinavia, and Germany, as well as custom rugs and broadloom carpets, with a focus on natural flatweave products, handwoven wool, and stylish synthetics. These sophisticated flooring products are assembled by masterweavers and made from fine materials like premium sisal, New Zealand wool, and TENCEL™, then hand-cut and finished in the United States.

Curran boasts several exclusive partnerships with award-winning European furniture manufacturers and offers SynSisal®, a proprietary contract-grade sisal-look carpet that is sustainable, durable, and fashionable. A team of design experts provides outstanding customer support to discerning clients all over the globe, with a proven track record of award-winning projects ranging from grand hotels to seaside vacation homes. Curran strengthened their relationship with the Northwest design community with the addition of a design studio in 2011 located in downtown Seattle, blocks away from the world-famous Pike Place Market and beautiful Puget Sound. A furniture showroom expansion in 2022 provides even greater access to Curran’s unique catalog of outdoor furniture and flooring products.

Our Mission and Values

For 30 years, the Curran sales team has worked to deliver industry-leading customer service to our designer, trade, and hospitality clients, as well as design-oriented residential consumers. When you work with Curran, expect detailed assistance throughout the entirety of your project life-cycle, from product selection to installation. Stellar service has always been a guiding principle and top priority, no matter the size and scope of your project. Whether you are an industry veteran purchasing for a multistory space, or it's your first time shopping for a custom rug, we are committed to realizing your design vision.

That’s why our thoughtfully curated catalog showcases a range of styles, from traditional to ultra-modern, but maintains a consistent emphasis on quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and innovative design. We're proud of the products we sell, especially our proprietary SynSisal®  flooring range, and we believe our selection is unique and forward-thinking, representing the best in transitional and modern design. We are always developing innovative new products, building partnerships with brands that share our values, and investing in our team and customers to provide the best possible retail experience.

Curran Team Staff