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Langley | Mink
Langley | Mink


contract grade flooring with the natural aesthetic of sisal

Beauty of Sisal | Strength of Nylon

SynSisal® | Sisal Without Limits

Every bit as beautiful as natural sisal, SynSisal® is the first commercial synthetic sisal that goes where natural sisal can't.

A Sustainable Synthetic Sisal

SynSisal® offers bespoke rugs & wall-to-wall carpet crafted from ECONYL® regenerated nylon.



    ECONYL® is made with 100% recovered nylon waste & industrial plastic


    Beautiful, contract-grade floor coverings with a timeless sisal-look


    Bespoke SynSisal® rugs crafted to fit your exact specifications


    Expect support at every step, from product selection to installation

Residential Look, Commercial Specs

The natural sisal-look with contract-grade durability, stain-resistance, soft fibers, and limitless design possibilities.

Winthrop | Mink
Winthrop | Mink

Heavy Contract

Five distinct weaves durable enough for commercial or hospitality spaces and beautiful enough for any design-focused project.

Langley | Honey


Consciously created from reclaimed fishing nets and other post consumer waste, SynSisal® is a sustainable alternative to traditional synthetics.

Astoria | Mesquite
Astoria | Mesquite

Easy To Clean

Intrinsically stain-resistant nylon stays stain-free and beautiful with nothing more than frequent vacuuming and spot treatments.

Medina | Light Honey

True Craftsmanship

Each rug is cut to your exact dimensions and carefully hand-finished in the border style of your choice.

Discover the Look & Feel of SynSisal®

Order samples today and see for yourself why SynSisal® is getting rave reviews. With timeless colorways, classic sisal structures, and soft, contract-grade nylon yarns, you can bring the sisal look and feel to any space—the possibilities are as big as your project.

Astoria | Mink | Boulder
Astoria | Mink | Boulder

GRAY Awards Finalist

We are excited to share that SynSisal® is a Finalist in the 7th Annual GRAY Awards International Design Competition.

GRAY Awards selected our exclusive SynSisal® collection as a finalist for the “Breakout Category: Textiles, Wallpaper, & Rugs” in their 7th Annual GRAY Awards International Design Competition. GRAY is an international magazine and media brand that champions the design industry and connects people to the ideas, resources, and initiatives that move design forward.

We are honored that our commitment to creating sustainable and beautiful synthetic alternatives for flooring is being recognized and are resolved to continue developing carpets that improve the potential for circularity at the end of use.

SynSisal® | Astoria, Winthrop & Medina

Install SynSisal® With Confidence

SynSisal® is available as broadloom to create elegant and durable wall-to-wall installations. Flat weave carpet installation requires a professional touch. For your convenience, we provide guidelines, videos, and expert customer service to make your installation a success.

SynSisal® | Flat Weave Installation

All About SynSisal®

SynSisal® is the premiere synthetic sisal collection on the market. Made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon and woven in Europe, our SynSisal® collection looks stunningly similar to natural sisal, with the same classic colorways and beloved weave textures, but with softness underfoot, stain-resistance and contract grade rating. A SynSisal® weave will perform well in almost any indoor environment, from living rooms to lobbies, bringing the residential look of sisal without the upkeep worries of its natural counterpart.

See the SynSisal® story in our SynSisal® Lookbook and discover its textures, colorways, and bespoke offerings

We created SynSisal® for a soft, cleanable alternative to natural sisal. Our design clients adore the natural fiber look and the neutral foundation that a sisal rug creates, but not every client enjoys sisal’s texture underfoot or its fussy upkeep. With SynSisal®, you can have the fibrous texture and muted aesthetic of sisal grace your home or commercial space, all the while knowing that your synthetic sisal rug is stain resistant, soft, highly durable, and made from sustainable materials.

A child-friendly and pet-friendly carpet should be comfortable, durable, stain-resistant and promote a healthy indoor environment. Our SynSisal® offers it all.

  • Soft but tough: High-performing, 100% regenerated Nylon 6 fibers possess high-tensile strength and elasticity to retain your rug’s texture, all while feeling smooth underfoot.

  • Stain-resistance: ECONYL® fibers mean your carpet will resist staining with proper maintenance, like regular vacuuming and quick attention to spills and stains.

  • Low VOC: Protect everyone’s health by furnishing your home with a carpet that doesn’t emit harmful off-gases and promotes better indoor air quality with a low VOC contribution.

SynSisal®’s ECONYL® fibers have built-in stain resistance and, in most cases, a SynSisal® rug will stay stain-free and beautiful with nothing more than frequent vacuuming and simple spot treatments. The low-profile and tightly woven fibers prevent spills from becoming embedded in the pile, making for an easy clean-up of spills.

Although water cleans up many spills and stains, we recommend a ph-neutral cleaning system like the James Starterset (approved for use on our SynSisal® collection). To help protect your investment, our SynSisal® weaves come with detailed care and maintenance guidelines, located under the Care tab on each weave page.

ECONYL® yarns share the same superior properties as virgin nylon—durability, cleanability and versatility. A SynSisal® carpet is contract grade with a fire rating of Type 1 / Class A and low VOC contribution. The solution-dyed ECONYL® yarns create rugs that have UV-resistance with high colorfastness and excellent long-term appearance retention. These synthetic sisal weaves stand up to heavy use throughout homes, hotels and offices, all the while showcasing all the textures and colors we love about natural sisal.

Absolutely. SynSisal® is available for purchase as broadloom for wall-to-wall installations in both residential and commercial settings. A SynSisal® weave creates an expansive, elegant foundation in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, boutique shops, or corporate offices.

For long-lasting beauty, a proper installation is critical with flat weave carpet and we highly recommend connecting with a professional installer who has experience installing flat-woven carpet before making your purchase.

To learn about installing a flat weave carpet, please read our blog post Flat Weave Carpet Installation—Everything You Need To Know or view the SynSisal® installation videos linked below.

Stair runners must be hard-wearing, tightly woven, and non-slippery. A stair runner that is eye-catching and easy to clean is even better. A SynSisal® stair runner checks all these boxes. The ECONYL® Nylon 6 yarns are approved for use in contract-grade applications as well as residential heavy-use areas like stairs and are easy to maintain.

A staircase provides a wonderful opportunity to play with design and pattern. Transform your stairway with Astoria’s herringbone pattern for a refined yet energetic look, or opt for the paired-down neutral beauty of Langley’s tiger eye structure. SynSisal® can be installed the full width of your stairs or fitted as a runner cascading down the middle of your staircase.

Installing carpet on stairs can be a tricky job. We highly recommend you connect with an installer who has experience installing flat-woven carpets. Your installer will help you determine how much material you need and what kind of underlayment or rug pad works best for your stairs. SynSisal® will create a design focal point on your stairs, providing warmth and cushioning under your feet while buffering sound. For more guidance on ordering a stair runner, head over to our Stair Runner Resource page.

The natural color palette and refined structures found in this collection will complement design styles ranging from the organic, minimalist Scandinavian style to the layered, unexpected look of eclectic design. SynSisal® offers a functional and decorative solution for all.

Our SynSisal® Organics offer nature-inspired shaped rugs for a unique yet graceful addition to any decor.

The ECONYL® solution-dyed Nylon 6 yarns used in our SynSisal® collection are regenerated yarns created from salvaged fishing nets, nylon carpet and other repurposed materials. These materials are rescued from oceans or landfills, thereby recapturing a resource, preventing pollution and negating the need for intensive extraction of raw materials, a downfall of other synthetic flooring options. Every ton of ECONYL® raw material saves seven barrels of crude oil and avoids about six tons of CO2 emissions. Plus, these yarns can be regenerated again and again, opening the doors to infinite possibilities for creators and consumers alike and making ECONYL® “the endless yarn.”

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Synthetic but Sustainable

SynSisal® is made from ECONYL® 100% recycled nylon, manufactured with repurposed fishing nets, carpet, and post-consumer waste.