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"I wish I could kidnap The Pinch’s design team and have them redo my house with their clever mix of tactile pieces."

The Vision: Adaptive Reuse

The Pinch, located in the heart of historic Charleston, South Carolina, invites travelers from around the world to experience true Southern hospitality, from its in-house oyster bar to royally decorated rooms and residential suites. Every aspect of the space elegantly blends modern amenities with authentic period charms.

Beginning in 2021, two Victorian buildings were converted and expanded by Philadelphia-based hospitality company, Method Co., in partnership with renowned New York-based architect, Morris Adjmi Architects.

Consistent with the modern architectural practice of adaptive reuse, features of the preserved buildings were retained and restored to honor the craftsmanship of the original builders. In the spirit of reuse, Method Co. sought high-quality natural-look area rugs to complement the existing rustic wood flooring.

Lobby of Pinch Hotel

The Project

In this Q & A Curran liaison Lindsay Buzzo explains why the design team behind The Pinch decided SynSisal® was the right weave for the job. Lindsay brings many years of experience recommending and sourcing flooring options for commercial and residential projects.

Tell us a little bit about the scope of the project. What was the client’s initial query?

Method Co. was looking for a quote for custom sized jute or sisal area rugs in a natural colorway. They wanted to know if we had any styles “in stock”, and if not, what was our general lead time.

Lead time can vary depending on the weave, but we do stock SynSisal®, so we are talking days not weeks to create a custom area rug.

Describe your first thoughts when the client requested natural jute or sisal for a hotel?

Many clients are after the jute or sisal aesthetic but are unaware of the maintenance issues associated with natural fiber flooring. For a busy hotel that is anticipating many years of heavy foot traffic on these rugs, I thought it was appropriate to include samples and information about SynSisal® as well.

What is SynSisal® and why is it right for hospitality projects like The Pinch?

SynSisal® is Curran &’s proprietary and unique hard-wearing synthetic sisal alternative. It is unlike any other product on the marketplace for how it looks and performs in contract and hospitality settings. While there are other products out there that look like sisal, many are unbacked polypropylene which may be easy to clean but are not durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

SynSisal® has the closest look to a natural fiber sisal, with none of the drawbacks for commercial spaces. It is made from 100% ECONYL recycled nylon, reclaimed from plastic waste. It won’t stain like natural sisal, and is far easier to clean. It is certified for Class 33 - Heavy Contract Grade durability as well as rated to meet commercial building fire codes. 

Lastly, SynSisal® area rugs are available with an “infinity edge” border option. The infinity edge makes a fabric border unnecessary, as the ECONYL fibers are rigid enough to form a crisp line, giving the rug a clean design-forward look.

So what was their ultimate decision: SynSisal® or natural sisal?

The true test was once the client received the samples, if the look and feel matches what they have in mind. Langley-Honey SynSisal® was their first choice, and they ordered one rug to test before approval.

After SynSisal® met that test, all of the other benefits made the decision very easy. And they loved the minimalist look of the infinity edge, as well as the quick turnaround.

Spotlight on SynSisal®: Langley Weave

Part of our exclusive SynSisal® collection, Langley's thick yarns contribute dimension, stability, and texture to this tiger eye structure.

Discover why designers love SynSisal® for hospitality projects like The Pinch.

Langley | Honey
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