Unbacked Sisal

All About Unbacked Sisal

What is unbacked sisal?

Unbacked sisal is woven sisal that has no applied backing, like latex, on the underside. Most of our sisal rugs and carpet have a latex backing which increases the dimensional stability of the weave and provides slip-resistance. Unbacked sisal is not intended to be used as a floor covering since it is less stable and would present a slipping hazard. However, unbacked sisal has many other applications.

What are the uses for unbacked sisal?

Uses for unbacked sisal include wallcovering in commercial or hospitality spaces and as a favorite covering for cat scratching posts and other feline furniture. The lack of a backing material on our sisal for cats and Livos Wall Covering means it is easy to cut to size and easy to install with either appropriate adhesives for walls or staples for cat furniture. Wallcovering prevents damage to walls, adds a decorative touch, insulates and absorbs noise. And when used for cat furniture, unbacked sisal is the preferred material.

What is Sisal for Cats or sisal fabric for cats?

Our feline sisal fabric is the perfect material for finishing all kinds of feline-focused furniture or towers. Cats love to sink their claws into sisal, so why not redirect your feline friend away from your furniture and toward an appropriate scratching surface? For years, customers have been buying feline sisal fabric from us for finishing or re-finishing cat scratching posts, cat towers, cat perches or shelves, wall-mounted scratching boards and more.

Many cat towers and cat furniture on the market today are wrapped with sisal rope. Buying sisal fabric by the yard instead means quicker application (no wrapping rope around and around a post), a seamless look and greater durability. Woven sisal is very tough and rough, which cats like. Plus, you get to pick the color—no remnants here. 

Pro Tip: Consider the weave direction when wrapping the sisal fabric around your post or furniture. The sisal should feel rough, so ideally, the sisal ribbing (or rows) should run vertically, not horizontally.  

What are the benefits of sisal wallcovering?

In addition to preventing damage to walls, adding insulation and absorbing noise, our Livos sisal wall covering adds a warm touch of natural beauty and texture to an environment. Over the years, we have seen creative applications like using sisal wallcovering to line all vertical surfaces of a cafe, creating a beautiful minimalist look. Boutique stores have used sisal to line display units and shelving, adding a visual depth and uniform palette unattainable with standard store shelves and displays.

bring a textural dimension to your walls

livos wall covering in color sand box 

provide a scratching surface for your cat with sisal fabric

feline sisal in color alabaster