Color Splash Serge

Colorful cotton yarns create a vibrant frame around the edges of our Livos sisal weave with Color Splash Serge. Choose from twelve different colors to finish your custom rug. 

Serging is a continuous wrap of yarn around the edges of the rug that binds the fibers and keeps the weave from unraveling. A serged edge shows the least amount on the face of the rug, approximately a 1/4" finished width.

The yarn colors above, listed from left to right: twilight, monochrome, poppy, sherbet, teal, nautical, sunflower, lime, persimmon, cornflower, moss, lagoon

A Color Splash Yarn Sampler showcasing all twelve color options will be sent along with your order of Livos weave swatches. To order swatches, return to the Color Splash weave page and click the "Buy Swatch" button.