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latex backing sticking to floor

Latex Backing Sticking to Floor

Seagrass, sisal, and other natural fiber rugs with latex backing sometimes react with certain chemicals found in flooring or from cleaning agents and may end up sticking to the floor. Usually, this happens with hardwood floors but it can happen with other types of flooring as well, such as cement or tile.

The best way to avoid having your rug latex sticking to your floor is to always use a rug pad under your latex-backed natural fiber rug. Below is more information on how to remove the latex if it has stuck to your floor.

Removing the Latex Backing that is Stuck to the Wood Floor

SCRAPER: Use a plastic scraper to remove as much latex as possible without vigorously scraping to avoid gouging your floors.

SOLVENT: Apply a solvent to the latex rubber to soften it. Usually leaving the solvent on for about 15 minutes is plenty of time to soften the latex. Any longer and the solvent will begin evaporating, allowing the latex to harden again. Mineral spirits are usually (but not always) safe for floors, so start with that. If that does not work, then try denatured alcohol. In doubt, reference your manufacturer's technical information to find a safe solvent for your hard surface.

Solvent Recommendation: Murphy's oil and soap (use with a light grade steel wool.)

BEFORE USING ANY SOLVENT: Always test the solvent in an inconspicuous area of the floor first, to be certain it will not affect the finish. You don't want to remove, soften, or haze the existing finish. Do not proceed until you are certain that the solvent you are considering will not damage your floor. Once the latex material has been removed, make one last swipe with a clean rag or towel and a little of the (tested for safeness) solvent to help restore the floor's luster. If this does not work, then, unfortunately, the floor may need to be sanded and refinished.

PREVENTION: The Wood Floor Covering Association (WFCA) does not recommend putting anything over your wood floor with a solid rubber or latex backing. The latex doesn't breathe, and condensation can accumulate under the non-porous material and damage the finish. Non-slip rug paddings are made with ventilation so this is not an issue for non-slip products.

Please reach out to our customer service team for guidance on choosing the right rug or rug pad for your situation.


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