The main difference between our synthetic sisal indoor and our synthetic sisal anywhere weaves is the backing. The latter one simply doesn't have any. For indoors, the backing adds stability in wall-to-wall installations and provides more comfort underfoot. The rest remains the same - high quality, durable, moisture repellent, antistatic and nontoxic.
Our exclusive synthetic sisal indoor line has been created to mimic the look of natural sisal while keeping care efforts to a bare minimum. We simply followed our customers' lead and together with our European mills developed new weaves that look natural and perform unmatched - be it hospitality or residential, hotels, offices, retail, personal homes or any other environment, with our synthetic sisals you are always a step ahead.
Our synthetic sisal hospitality weaves are made from 100% nylon and meet all fire codes, are extremely hard-wearing and very easy to clean. We regularly install them in hotels, offices, retail or any place that requires the look of natural sisal but the durability of commercial carpet. Should you be looking for more than 4,000 sq ft of synthetic sisal material, we offer mill-direct pricing, more colors and a greater assortment of product that suits large commercial installations. Please e-mail us and provide us with the size of your project, installation date and budget requirements.