What is jute?

Jute is a thick natural fiber that comes from the stalks of the Corchorus plant which grows in the monsoon climates of India and Bangladesh. The wet climate needed for jute produces a softer fiber, making jute amongst the softest natural fibers available for flooring. These soft fibers, plus jute’s natural color variations, create beautiful rugs and carpet.

Why choose jute?

A favorite among designers, jute's thick fibers create lovely woven patterns in rugs and carpet and its natural color palette works across all design styles. The softness of jute adds a cozy, insulating vibe that is an ideal addition to bedrooms or living rooms. The knots and thick threads of the jute fibers practically massage bare feet. And in regards to eco-friendliness, a jute rug or carpet is a winner. We offer custom sizes to fit any space or style.

Are jute rugs eco-friendly?

A jute rug or carpet is amongst the most eco-friendly, non-toxic natural fiber rugs available. It has an efficient growth cycle, allowing multiple crops a year on the same plot of land, and is produced without the use of chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers. Jute is also completely biodegradable and compostable. For the environmentally conscious consumer, a jute rug shows your commitment to environmental sustainability and to having a clean, green home. Read about our commitment to sustainability here.

Is a jute rug easy to maintain?

Natural fiber rugs will last years if properly maintained. Your jute rug should be vacuumed regularly, without using the beater brush, to pick up dirt and dust from the jute fibers. Since jute is a softer fiber, it tends to shed so be sure to vacuum underneath the rug or shake it outside if possible. Using a rug pad will help minimize shedding and fiber break down.

Jute, like other natural fiber rugs, is absorbent and will stain if spills are not quickly blotted up with a non-dyed paper towel or cloth. We do not recommend using spot cleaners as they may stain. You may choose to apply Sisal-Guard, a spray-on sealant that will act as a barrier to reduce the rate at which jute absorbs liquid. A damp or wet environment is not recommended for a jute rug because mold and mildew can easily grow.

Sunlight can alter the color of your jute rug. If your rug will have direct sunlight, consider adding shades or curtains to your windows. Rotating the rug will also help even out the natural color changes. 

Part of the charm of a jute rug or carpet is its handcrafted construction and rustic look. Because of this and the unusually thick yarns in jute rugs and carpet, sprouting, bowing and skewing may occur in the weave. These are natural variances present in all jute products. (Sprouts can be snipped with scissors—do not pull!)

We also recommend a walk-off mat upon entry to your home and a no shoes in the house policy. All of our weaves come with guidelines for care and maintenance to help you care for your purchase that are accessible under the Care tab on each weave page. For more general care guidelines, please visit our Care Guides page.

Will a jute rug or carpet match my style?

A custom rug or a wall-to-wall installation with any of our jute weaves will harmonize with any style and add a natural, organic element to your home. The basketweave patterns found in our Bahama or Fiji Jute weaves create visual and textural interest. The earthy vibe of jute can also be a nice counterbalance to formal or contemporary interior designs. Layering jute rugs, like our Martinique, with a flat woven wool area rug or other rug creates added dimension in your decor. And some of our jute rugs can be finished with beautiful edges, like the minimalistic Infinity Edge on Tobago or the jute braid on Barbuda. In short, yes, a jute rug or carpet will match your style.

Is jute a good choice for kitchens or other areas that may get wet?

Jute is not waterproof and will not fare well outdoors, in damp environments or rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or mudrooms where contact with water is a risk. 

a soft jute rug is ready for barefeet

fiji jute in color natural

refined boucle texture of a jute weave

tobago in color natural


bring rustic natural beauty into your home with a jute rug or carpet

st martin in color amber